Our history is as young as impressive.........quick business opportunity evaluation and nimble, cost effective execution has delivered remarkable results. We developed a business network's representation that brings together offer and demand globally and nowadays, we are still committed in providing innovative products, personalized service and the highest value.....a combination that generates high returns to our clients and partners:

The jewelry industry had been the seed for the creation of Ponsard Group, LLC with a brand developed towards the end of 1998, although today not part of our family. Our supplier turned into loyal partners in executing our vision for that jewelry line, in compliance with our requirements of quality, design, cost and durability. Key knowledges of our partner were the specialization in mechanical design and product development management. Nowadays, we still have extensive relationships in Italy to serve our need and to maintain the core values of Italian Style and Originality. Future jewelry lines will be based on the US patent #11/326,324.

Real Estate:
Jonathan Ponsard is the principal of PONASA, a revolutionary real estate investment firm, crafting new ways to acquire and dismiss large portfolios on behalf of his partners. We began to consult for other firms in 2008 and soon became a very relevant source to investigate and acquire real estate in United States (South East Florida), Italia (Tuscany) and Colombia (Northern Caribbean Region).

New Age Spirituality:
Ingrid Gutierrez is the founder of CuartoAstral, a company that specialize in bringing New Age Spirituality products to 11 markets across the globe, from conceptualization, design, outsourcing, importing and selling them to the end consumer. She obtained her Industrial Engineering Degree in 2001 and during her career has developed procedures and function manuals for the ISO 9001 Quality Certification. Additionally, she has experience in operations and logistic research, cost/time reduction analysis and process improvements.

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