Jonathan Ponsard, out of his own quest to make the planet on which we live a more respected home for all of us, began studying a full range of alternative ways of doing things as we are used to. An immense and thriving community opened up in front of his eyes like alternative ways of producing energy or ways to share things or new sources of food that would ultimately end up giving back to our earth the deserved respect and develop a way for everybody to live in peace and self sufficient. Therefore, all the above is far from being done and even worse, far from being easy. The horizon is long, but with everybody's cooperation, the ultimate goal will be achievable. On top of it, needless to say, we really do not have a choice if we care about one or two generation down the road. It is after all these interactions that we decided to focus on the alternative nutrition space and we identify a main common road block, capital is not yet looking at it like an opportunity. This is where we would like to inject ourselves as partner to those companies who have bright minds at work and need to focus on keep innovating.

We offer a range of consulting services designed to help your company reach its potential. Whether you're looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul or capital, we have you covered. Our services are available a la carte so you can get precisely what you need.

Whatever your situation and the challenges you face, we will find and deliver solutions.

  • Start ups
  • Small businesses
  • Service companies
  • Farming companies
  • Companies across all the spectrum of Alternative Nutrition space
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