Ponsard Group LLC is always paying attention to the opportunities that the global market has to offer. We are excited to hear about your new product idea. We truly appreciate that you have chosen to contact us. If your product meets the criteria listed, please complete the "Contact Us" form and we will initiate the evaluation process. Please keep in mind, Ponsard Group LLC is not a production company or media agency. Thank you, and we look forward into working together!

In order for your product to be evaluated, it must typically meet the following criteria:
- Not been yet sold at retail, either in North America or the LATAM Region
- Be extremely visual and demonstrable
- Be perceptibly beneficial to consumers and offer genuine value
- Being able to initiate impulse driven purchases
- Have the ability to encourage repeat buys for sales continuity 


Currently accepting submissions for the following categories:
- Concepts of ideas on how to reinvent existing industries, products or services
- Business concepts that offer scalability in terms of growth
- Business concepts focused on the happening "GREEN" economy
- Land acquisition, Construction or Development in general
- Investments that take advantage of extremely distressed asset
- Service industry in highly regulated countries that can be remotely replicated
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